I spy faces in various places!




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It doesn’t take much to create a face: two marks for eyes, one for a mouth; a nose isn’t even necessary most of the time! In The Blue Umbrella, a new short by Pixar, you’ll find adorable examples of personified everyday objects:

Example of face from The Blue UmbrellaExample of face from The Blue UmbrellaExample of face from The Blue UmbrellaExample of face from The Blue Umbrella

Long before The Blue Umbrella, I loved spotting “faces” in everyday, inanimate objects! Below is my own random collection of faces I’ve come across around town, at home, or in places I’ve visited:

closeup of doorknob that looks like a face

Doorknob with a rather large nose at the Castle Marne B&B.

lamppost "face"

This downtown Denver lamppost kinda looks like it has eyes!

pear with dimples for eyes and mouth

Whatchu lookin’ at?!

three windows on a bank building form the shape of an abstract "face"

“Face” formed by windows on a building in downtown Denver.

Denver water meter cover "face"

There’s something charming about this water meter cover… maybe it’s big, round eyes?

a "face" on the sidewalk made from shadow and chalk

Shadow + chalk line = cool face

sandwich with tomato eyes

Sandwiches look so cute right before you eat them.

Steampunk robot face public art in Downtown Denver

Okay, so this is an ACTUAL face, but it’s still cool & random nonetheless.

An abstract face formed by iron building architecture

An abstract face formed by building architecture

Do you think a nose is an essential element of facial composition? Where do you  see faces? Leave your comments below!