Quality Check: One, Two… What is this?

I’m pretty good at finding grammatical errors.

Grammar Nazi imageI’m not, like, a TOTAL Grammar Nazi. I don’t get hung up on syntax, semantics, fragmented sentences, fused sentences, dangling modifiers, or (most) comma errors. But spelling errors, incorrect capitalization/failure to capitalize, omitted words, or wrong words (e.g., affect vs. effect) – those really irk me.

Lately, the irk-me types of errors have been popping up almost daily. From packaging labels*, to NASA’s website, to the neighborhood newspaper, they are virtually everywhere! Is it that people no longer give a shit about good grammar? Maybe. I think it’s more likely that people rarely have a second set of eyes to look at their content before posting/publishing it**.

I’m starting this list as a way to keep track of the mistakes I find for my own piece of mind. I’ll also note whether or not I contacted the author of the mistake, and if so, whether or not they responded. All of these were verified as of their post date.


  1. Misspelling (“for”): http://www.brit.co/diy-wall-art/
    • (Number 43) Shoebox Wall Art: Don’t recycle those shoeboxes just yet! They can be transformed into colorful floating shelves with just a few coats of paint. (Plus, click through fro two more ideas.) 
  2. Multiple errors (capitalization, verb use, missing period between sentences, comma & verb use): http://www.brit.co/alphabet-art/
    • (Number 8) THat’s all;
    • (Number 10) Admittedly, we was on the fence about including this one. 
    • (Number 11) We came across this slice of beauty when we were searching the web for foodie prints  The rainbow cake seriously rules.
    • (Number 12) Gobble gobble, got eat up those green ABC’s!
  3. Missing word (possibly “to help ensure”): http://karlkapp.com/competition-cooperation-in-gamification/
    • Prizes for winners should be of little importance or even symbolic help ensure that the student efforts are intrinsic and not driven by the expected outcome (Cantador & Conde, 2010)
  4. Missing word (“learner to think”): http://www.gc-solutions.net/blog/using-storytelling-in-e-learning-an-e-learning-strategy/
    • They can also encourage the learner think about the described situation or scenario and derive their own endings.
  5. Missing word (“Not only does this”): http://www.gc-solutions.net/blog/using-storytelling-in-e-learning-an-e-learning-strategy/
    • Not only this successfully engages the learner more, it also helps to gauge how much learning has been derived from the story. 
  6. Missing word (“in order to create”)*: http://www.sketchpoststudio.com (page 5 of their downloadable booklet)
    • TY PO San Francisco brought together | a slate of international speakers | from across disciplines to discuss how | the design community can embrace | contrast in order create innovative | practices into the next decade.
    • *Contacted & response received Jan 2014; document still contains error
  7. Misuse (“awaiting discovery”)*: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Beyond
    • 6th Need to Know: More than 1,700 extrasolar planets (or exoplanets) planets have been confirmed. There are thousands of potential exoplanets await discovery
    • *Contacted March 2015; no response yet
  8. Repeat word (“I was I was there”)*: http://www.cassiemcdaniel.com/blog/your-patient-is-my-father/
    • I don’t know how many different people I was when I was I was there!
    • *Contacted & response received Feb 2015; error was fixed
  9. Misspelling (“Colorado”)*: http://www.northdenvertribune.com/ (Printed version; header on page 3 of Mar 19 – Apr 1 issue)
    • North Denver Tribune typo
    • *Contacted & response received March 2015
  10. Incorrect word use (“as” instead of “at): http://www.npr.org/blogs/goatsandsoda/2015/03/26/395345147/whats-up-with-parents-who-dont-vaccinate-their-children?sc=17?f=1001&utm_source=iosnewsapp&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=app (3rd paragraph)
    • A new study of more than 20,000 people in five countries looks as why people aren’t confident in vaccines.
  11. Multiple errors (bullet list error, misspelling): http://www.hivestrategies.com/2011/02/rules-fo-a-hipaa-compliant-social-media-polic/
    • In “Limit liability by establishing clear policies and procedures” section: Involve leaders, evangelists and frontline staff in the development of these policies and procedures. These policies should: explain appropriate use of social media platforms
      • explain appropriate use of social media platforms
      • clearly define how information posted there will be use
    • In “Regularly monitor your social media platforms” section, 6th paragraph: David Harlow adds an additional cautiion, however.


*Okay, so I didn’t save a picture of the 2 packaging errors I found nor can I recall them exactly, but one was on a General Mills Fiber One or Nature Valley package (they responded by sending me some coupons), and one was on a medicine package (can’t remember which brand; I didn’t contact them and threw the packaging away).

**Much like I’m doing with this post. If you spot any errors, let me know in the Comments below!