I *heart* sketchnotes

I was first introduced to sketchnotes in 2012, at the ASTD Conference in Denver. Since then, I’ve completely delved into the world of visual thinking with fervor and I have to say: it’s f-ing awesome! I use every opportunity I can to practice my sketchnotes and today I want to share with you a couple I drew up the other day during Dan Roam’s presentation on vivid thinking.

Sketchnotes are notes that capture information through the use of both images AND text, similar to a comic book strip, except you arrange the content in a way that makes the most sense to you. When you look back at them, they serve as a better reminder of what happened than your typical text-only notes. The reason they’re so memorable is because our brain is geared to process images extremely well.

For this sketch note, I used a 5 x 7 Neuland sketchbook and a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point permanent marker.


I then scanned the drawings and colored them in using my new Wacom Intous tablet and Sketchbook Express.

Sketchnote edited with Wacom Intuos Sketchnote edited with Wacom Intuos

Do you ever sketchnote? What do you like about visual notes? Share your thoughts below!

Learn more about Sketchnotes here and more about why doodling matters here